The Garden In You
Landscape Design for Wyoming

Landscapes and Gardens in Wyoming can be challenging affairs, due to our climate, geography and availability of materials. Challenges are opportunities, however, so welcome to The Garden In You, where your landscapes and gardens are an expression of the landscapes and gardens inside your heart, mind and soul. Gardens are more then pretty places they are places of healing and spiritual nourishment, places of community and individual strength and enjoyment.

The Garden In You offers specialized Landscape Design, Landscape Planning, Landscape Consultation, and Landscape Installation to a special clientele, people who desire everything the natural world can offer, delivered in a unique and personalized setting. Our keywords are Beauty, Sustainability and Peace, the cornerstones of any successful garden. Beauty increases enjoyment and curb appeal, Sustainability increases outcome while minimizing input and Peace increases our strength and ability to deal with the stresses of everyday life.

Located in Casper, Wyoming and serving the entire state of Wyoming, we go wherever we are called to deliver a high quality product and experience for our clientele, specializing in modern landscape and design techniques, native plantings, and water-wise applications. 

Our Goal is a Happy Client, a Happy Community and a Happy Earth